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The Team Behind You All The Way!

We’re told everyday Kiwi Athletes Agency is unique. With over 400 years of combined experience in U.S. College Sport and over 30 ex U.S. College Student-Athletes and Coaches on our team, you may not be surprised to know have created over $200 million in scholarship offer and a 100% success rate! While many may think that’s our main brag, we’re far more proud of our proactive, personalised approach combined with our community that promises to deliver opportunities that match each individuals needs and goals.




OUR MISSION is to educate New Zealander’s on pathways that maximise their chosen endeavour.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to create opportunities for our community by dedicating our experience and expertise to the goals of each individual.

25 Reasons we are the premier U.S. college placement service in New Zealand!

  1. KAA has a 100% success rate with individually tailored outcomes
  2. We have produced over $200 million in scholarship offers
  3. On average, our student-athletes accept a scholarship worth $300,000 each
  4. We are the longest running NCAA compliant recruitment service in New Zealand, having earned NCAA compliance via their strict compliance application process
  5. We’re a pro-active service – not a passive/online only platform
  6. We’re a personalised, targeted service – not a bulk emailing service
  7. We create opportunities to meet each individual student-athlete’s long term goals
  8. Every KAA agent was a US College student-athlete or US College Coach – meet our team
  9. We have over 400 years of combined experience in US college sport in our network
  10. We travel regularly to the US to communicate face-to-face about our student- athletes
  11. No matter where you are, we’re local to you with agents all over the world
  12. US coaches want our student-athletes because we know them personally – read our College Coach reviews
  13. We work with student-athletes that have tried other agencies or attempted the process themselves and didn’t get the right outcome
  14. Many US coaches will only take international student-athletes from us – read our College Coach Reviews
  15. We can relate. All of our agents have competed in college and the pros – meet our team
  16. The KAA network is much larger and stronger than any other
  17. KAA has an online system to compliment it’s personalised service.
  18. Our current student-athletes include the top athletes in their sports in New Zealand
  19. We are contacted by college coaches to get our endorsement for any New Zealand student-athlete they recruit
  20. Our families refer most of our new student-athletes – read our parent reviews
  21. We encourage our student-athletes to contact others that have used our service in the past – read our student-athletes reviews
  22. Our team includes fully qualified SAT tutors, exercise physiologists and sport psychologists to prepare our student-athletes to perform at the college level
  23. Our partnerships deliver discounts in air travel, insurances and currency exchange – see our valued network of partners
  24. Our network includes Aussie Athletes Agency & UK Athletes Agency, attracting college coaches to recruit our student-athletes
  25. We’re Kiwis helping Kiwis!