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Tom Moore – Matilda Moore (San Jose State University)
The Athletes Agency team guided us through the process of finding the best fit for our daughter. Matilda is now playing with and against some of the best players in the world enhancing her skills in hope of further water polo representative honours.

Barbara Burton – Monique Burton (Southern Mississippi University)
The Athletes Agency team has been and still is extremely helpful with anything regarding college tennis in the USA. They guided us every step of the way, which has made the experience a whole lot less stressful than if we were trying to do it by ourselves.

Mandy Chew – Tamie Chew (Coker College)
We found Athletes Agency very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced in guiding our daughter to choose a college in the USA to pursue her studies whilst playing tennis. I have no hesitancy in recommending Athletes Agency team.

Debbie Gardiner – Scott Gardiner (ASA Miami)
We can’t speak highly enough about the Athletes Agency team and our experience with them over this last year. They have given us full support over this time and guided us every step of the way. Our experience with them has made the whole process of helping our son follow the path of his dream to USA college so much easier. Thank you.


Peter Sinclair – Colin Sinclair (Cornell University)
As parents, we could not be happier with the College outcome and the scholarship award for our son Colin. We are originally from North America so we are quite familiar with the U.S. University process. We debated whether we could manage the process on our own. We concluded about 18 months ago that we wanted to work with the Athletes Agency team to help secure a place for our son Colin and are extremely happy that we did. We can quite emphatically state that the process is a lot more involved than we even realized and their familiarity with both the process and the various colleges was absolutely invaluable in securing an outstanding opportunity for our son Colin at Cornell University. If we had tried to achieve a similar result on our own, we just would not have been able to be as successful. They were terrific in helping with every step of the process from their fantastic effort with Colin’s tennis video to understanding the right College for Colin and everything in between. We would give them the absolutely highest recommendation and in fact we have already done this for several families that were considering the U.S. college system as a possibility.

Update: Colin has had AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE !! Made so many friends, got a great education at an Ivy League University and the tennis was great! You made it all possible so we will be eternally grateful. We will send you a graduation picture. Thank you so much and very best regards.

Franca & Phil Michetti – Jordan Doull (Columbus State University)
Our experience with the Athletes Agency team was first class. Their knowledge about the U.S. College system was extraordinary. If it wasn’t for them I just don’t know how we would have dealt with some of the hurdles we had a long the way. They were constantly in touch with us, and always giving us encouragement to not despair and were always optimistic even when we were all a bit stressed with the process. They were always professional and their attitude to all our concerns was always met with enthusiasm, patience and care. After months of back and forward with U.S. Colleges and the NCAA, they secured our son Jordan a Golf Scholarship to Columbus State University and we haven’t been more happier. More so my son who is excelling in his studies and Golf and is absolutely loving the U.S.. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the assistance and care you gave us in getting our Jordan to the U.S.. You were an absolute delight to deal with and amazing human beings and we are forever indebted to you.

Linda Watterson – Emi Watterson (University of California-Berkeley) & Andy Watterson (Saint Mary’s College)
The Athletes Agency team’s extensive connections, knowledge and experiences in the U.S. collegiate system not only as former coaches, but students, is immensely valuable to their success. During the process of finding the colleges for my two children from two totally different sports, what we found more impressive is their highly engaging approach in communication. This is particularly beneficial for their clients when backed by their passion in finding the right fit for each and every one of the young athletes entrusting their future education in them. I will have no hesitation to recommend any aspiring young athlete to contact them to explore the options of an exciting U.S. college experience.


Megan Williams – Ted Williams (Campbell University)
Our experience with the Athletes Agency team has been fantastic. Thanks to them, my son got a great offer in December from Campbell University (NCAA Div 1 tennis) for a January 2018 start and they waere just brilliant in helping us turn it around in 4 short weeks from accepting the initial offer to getting my son on a plane; walking us through every step, always available for help and guidance. Ted’s first semester has been an amazing experience all round. He’s settled in, played a great season, a great team experience and helped Campbell come second in their conference. Their continued care for athletes and their families is impressive too. They are always available to offer support and stay in touch, even checking in to see how how we are going as a family. Really couldn’t ask for more!

Leo & Kelli Ryan – Josh Ryan (Winthrop University)

A Big Thank You to the Athlete Agency team. If you are a parent considering sending your son or daughter to continue their education while still playing their chosen sport at an elite level then I would encourage you to talk to them. 4yrs ago they guided us through the process of choosing a college for our son. The college has given our son, who is about to turn 21, a wonderful opportunity both academically and in his chosen sport. One of the most comforting aspects of their service was their knowledge of the college system and knowing that we could call them at any stage if we needed to. Everything they said they would do, they did and we cannot thank them enough for the opportunity they helped give to our son Joshua.Update: We’ve just boarded our flight to LA. Just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts 4 yrs ago in getting Josh to College. Without your help we would never have been able to give Josh the wonderful opportunity that it has been for him. What your company does for the youth is wonderful.

Grace Shiu – Kyra Yap (Rutgers University)
We started talking to the Athletes Agency Team in Year 9 to ensure that we understood the required subject choices, grades and tennis level required to be able to be considered by the universities we were interested in. This allowed them to talk to coaches about Kyra (during years 10 and 11) so that in Year 12, when the universities were recruiting, she was amongst the mix with her U.S. peers. They were able to secure Kyra a position at a highly academic university in the scientific fields with coaches that understood her level of tennis. We would like to give a special thanks to them for working tirelessly behind the scenes as Kyra refined the experience and education she wanted from her U.S. university.


Helen Munro – Rosie Munro (Indiana University)
Thank you to the Athletes Agency team for everything they have done with helping our daughter gain a place in the U.S. to join the Indiana Women’s Rowing squad while studying her desired degree in Bloomington, Indiana. GO HOOSIERS. Your constant support and guidance through this process is much appreciated. We would recommend them to anyone who may be interested in following their dream in heading to the U.S. as a student athlete.

John Wall – George Wall (Dartmouth College)
The Athletes Agency team has been instrumental in the decision we have made for our son’s future. We wouldn’t have even considered applying to the college that George has been accepted into, and in fact, did not realise that Dartmouth College boasted such a high profile amongst universities across the globe. Furthermore, to travel to universities such as Princeton, Columbia, Yale and Harvard to compete against players good enough to be inside the world’s Top 1000 players, on a weekly basis, is better than any other environment we are aware of, for a 17 year old. The college itself is worth over $5.3bn, its facilities are world class and the post-graduate opportunities are endless. We are extremely comfortable that our son is heading into a safe environment with an exciting future. Great thanks to them for direction, support and knowledge transferred through the process and for their invaluable assistance in setting up this opportunity for our son. We would have no hesitation in recommending them to assist in your son or daughter’s future growth.

Vinod & Reena Tiwari – Charleen Tiwari (University of Texas – San Antonio)
We have great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for the the Athletes Agency team who helped our daughter Charleen Tiwari earn multiple options in U.S. Division I Universities. Charleen eventually accepted a place at the University of Texas at San Antonio with a full scholarship with the tennis program. We found them professional, highly efficient and responsive and a treat to deal with. They created a personalised tailor-made campaign for Charleen which matched her tennis and academic aspirations. They set the right expectations and provided impeccable guidance that Charleen and we as parents needing in the journey of applying and selecting the right U.S. college. At all stages of this over this year long campaign, they kept us updated of the progress and through their tremendous personal networks, contact and effective website interface opened up multiple opportunities for Charleen. Right from the initial stage of creating a tennis relevant CV and opening discussions with coaches down to organising campus visits, they diligently managed all steps and processes to make the journey stress free and rewarding. It was a pleasure working with them. We wish them continuing success and best wishes and take this opportunity in recommending them wholeheartedly to other parents seeking the college pathway option for their children.


Kellie Kelly – Chelsea Kelly (Cardinal Stritch University)
The Athletes Agency team was absolutely outstanding! Right from start to finish they guided and supported us at every stage along the way, making the entire process easy and we felt 100% supported the whole time. Their own experiences in the U.S. College system helped our daughter to know and understand truly what to expect when she arrived in the U.S., allowing her to be as prepared as she could be when she got there. Our daughter has just completed her first years final exams, and she is currently at the National N.A.I.A. Tennis Championships in Alabama. She is loving every second and every aspect of her entire experience over there. They have actively stayed in touch with her throughout the year and continues to give advice and guidance. Could not be happier & thoroughly recommend their services to potential U.S. College athletes. Thank you, you are amazing!

Graeme & Jodie Cooke – Nathan Cooke (William Woods University)
Our experience with the Athletes Agency team has been fantastic. With their assistance, and extensive knowledge of the U.S. college system we were able to make an informed decision and found a college that was the correct fit for our son Nathan, that allowed him to continue playing competitive tennis while studying in his chosen field. Their assistance does not stop after the recruitment process, with them making themselves available at any time, for support, and to answer any questions and concerns we have had. Nathan is thoroughly enjoying his college experience and is excelling both athletically and academically. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kiwi Athletes Agency to anyone considering entering the U.S. college system. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the family.

Catherine Bautista – Gemma Bautista (Dartmouth College)
The Athletes Agency team provided great support and information from start to finish with the entire process. I would highly recommend contacting them if you are interested in pursuing a college career in the United States. Going through the process alone would have been very daunting. They were able provide great knowledge and advice with many aspects. My daughter would not be where she is today without all their help. It anyone wants a life-changing experience, look to the Athletes Agency team!


Jacek Kudziela – Aggie Kudziela (Saint Mary’s College)
We would like to officially to thank you for this quite long, but eventually a very successful journey. Your assistance and guidance was very helpful throughout the whole recruitment process and we are very happy with the final outcome. We hope that Aggie will have a fantastic 4-year experience in the U.S., both in sport and academically, in such a great school as Saint Mary’s College of California.

Tony & Terri Avis – James Avis (Dixie State University)
I would like to thank you for all that you have done for James over the past year. We appreciate everything that you did to facilitate this opportunity for him. You were also key in keeping James ‘on track’ through that very chaotic few days prior to his sudden departure. Your advice and reassurance were deeply valued. James seems to have hit the ground running. You have helped him to realise his dream, and for this we sincerely thank you.

Trevor & Julia Fulton – Jack Fulton (Feather River College)
We would like to personally thank you for organising Jack a position at Feather River College, to further his soccer dream. Your professionalism was second to none and you walked us through every step of the way. You answered all her concerns and then even told us to wait in relation to offers etc from other colleges, before Jack makes his mind up. It was great that you kept in regular contact with Jack as well through the process, to make sure he understood what was going on. Most of all you gave us a selection of opportunities for Jack and gave Jack pros and cons for each college as well as keeping us informed. We would be more than happy to assist you in talking to other parents if they have any concerns. I am sure we will be talking more over the next few years and once again thank you.


Fiona Moore – Matilda Moore (San Jose State University)
The Athletes Agency team used their expert knowledge of the U.S. college system to deliver a great match for my daughter. A great combination for her athletic and academic future.

Ron Franks – Isabella Franks (Marquette University)
Our daughter Issy is enjoying her sophomore year at Marquette University in Milwaukee. Thanks to the Athletes Agency team this was a great fit for Issy in developing her tennis and academia. They helped Issy achieve one of her goals and we highly recommend them due to their knowledge, experience and passion of the American College system.

Stuart Fraser – Jamie Fraser (University of Louisiana-Lafayette)
I just wanted to thank you personally for everything you have done to help Jamie’s dream of playing College tennis become real.  Thank you for putting in a good word to Mark at UL Lafayette and allowing him to meet Jamie and choose him not necessarily on recent results but on merit. Stu showed me a great article on the Rajin Cajun’s tennis website earlier today, and it really makes it seem more real. Jamie just can’t wait to get there and start his new chapter in life.


Nerissa Lowe – Sabrina Lowe (Dodge City)
The Athletes Agency team not only have a wealth of knowledge and experience behind them, but also a genuine level of care. When assessing offers, they reminded us that it’s about choosing the right school to ‘fit’ the student athlete, not just the best scholarship offered.

Greville Pabst – Corey Pabst (Mesa College)
Thanks the Athletes Agency team for helping our son Corey Pabst get into College in Arizona to play tennis. He is very excited and has been training hard in preparation. Without your knowledge and experience it would be very difficult for us to navigate through the thousands of Colleges in the U.S.. Clearly your experience and knowledge of the U.S. college system has helped leverage Corey into a very good opportunity. I highly recommend them for any young athlete contemplating an American College sport/education.

Nadeena Whitby – Tom Douglas (New Mexico State University)
Thank you so much for your help and assistance in getting Tom to New Mexico State University. I appreciate the way you persevered with us to deliver the opportunity that was perfect for Tom and our situation. It is clear to us that Tom would not be there today without your help. For that, we will be forever grateful. We enjoyed working with you and the way you remained calm under pressure. We’ll happily recommend you whenever we can!


Peter McPhee – Lachlan McPhee (Georgia Gwinnett College/Vanderbilt University)
Lachlan is really enjoying his US College experience. The Athletes Agency team negotiated Lachlan a great offer from Georgia Gwinnett College and he has progressed his National ranking to number 17, with Georgia Gwinnett ranked number one in the NAIA. Lachlan is also performing well academically. We are very happy with the extremely professional work by your team, and recommend them highly, as ideal agents to arrange your U.S. College Career.

Sheridan Vollenweider – Nash Vollenweider (Saint Mary’s College)
I would thoroughly recommend the Athletes Agency team to any athlete who is wanting to further develop their sport. They have been nothing but professional from the first meeting we had until present. We have been given guidance with every step of the way, and feel that they have the contacts and the processes to help us achieve this for our son Nash. To study in the USA and gain a recognised degree while being able to pursue his passion for tennis is an opportunity of a lifetime. Nash is having a ball in San Francisco at Saint Mary’s College of California. Kiwi Athletes Agency all the way! Their success in athlete placement across the USA says it all.


Zeljko Slisko – Lara Slisko (Northern Illinois University)
We would like to thank the Athletes Agency team for supporting Lara through this process, particularly Dave who kept my temper in line when things were a bit slower than planned. Hope we will keep in touch. Thanks again, Slisko Family.

Wayne Tucker – Lauren Tucker (The University of Vermont)
Once we’d made the decision to take the plunge into the great adventure that is the U.S. college system, we had no idea how complex and difficult it could be. There were so many unknowns and it was great to have the Athletes Agency team guiding us along the way. We still don’t fully understand how it all works, but that doesn’t matter. In the end the uncertainties and challenges all disappeared as the team had it covered. We got a great outcome for our daughter and couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks to them for all their advice and support.

Susan Hawkins – Grace Convey (University of Louisiana-Monroe)
Grace was one of the first to secure a beach volleyball scholarship, thanks to the Athletes Agency team. A newly funded NCAA sport, beach volleyball scholarships are rarely full rides. In fact the average beach scholarship is about 20 per cent. Grace is now a sophomore and having a truly rewarding life experience playing the sport she loves, while earning a degree in speech pathology and audiology.


Wayne and Theresa Hough – David Hough (San Diego State University)
As parents we wanted to encourage and provide David with the best education possibilities available whilst enabling him to continue with his sporting dreams. However, we found it most challenging trying to decide the best approach of achieving the right outcome for David. We had spoken with numerous different people about the U.S. college system and whether it was the best path to take and how to go about it. So much advice from so many people didn’t make it any easier, in fact it made it more confusing, but none the less we decided to pursue the college system on our own to minimise the financial cost of attending College in the USA.  After months of David’s personal preparation and time researching colleges, academic and tennis programs and countless e-mails to many Colleges and their tennis coaches we didn’t get too far and were concerned that time was running out. The best advice we received was to contact the Athletes Agency team and see if their expertise could help us get something finalised for David. Their vast knowledge of the U.S. college systems and requirements changed everything around for us in a matter of weeks. David is now settled in and a family member at San Diego State University in California. In the end, we realised that as there are so many athletes and families contacting coaches on a daily basis it is very important to have help to make that initial break through and take the hassle and frustration out of the process. We can’t thank you enough for their help and assistance and highly recommend any parents exploring the U.S. college path for their child to use the experience of their team.

Andrew Pritchard-Davies – Thomas Pritchard-Davies (Hawaii Pacific University)
A short message to congratulate you for a job well done. You worked tirelessly and above and beyond you’re job description to secure my son a great place in the U.S. college system and a place on their golf team. I am very happy to highly recommend you to any potential future clients.

Angela Smith – Ryan Smith (University of Tennessee)
A big thank you to the Athletes Agency team. My son Ryan is now settling in to University of Tennessee in Knoxville playing Tennis and doing a business degree. They were beyond helpful in the process of getting to know Ryan and finding the right university to meet his needs. Ryan is loving the team and coaches at UTK and gets plenty of support. The facilities there need to be seen to be believed. They always our questions during the process and I would recommend them to anyone interested in this pathway.


Nicole Alder – Solomon Alder (Ventura College)
Big Shout out to the Athletes Agency team for making my sons dream become reality! He joined the program in year 11, graduated High School and is now participating in playing Baskeltball for the largest Community College in California. We feel so humbled and privileged for this amazing journey. He is learning and being trained at the next level. Doing a degree and playing your favourite sport is definitely a win for our son Solomon Alder.

Una Clohessy – Luke Clohessy (Arizona State University)
This testimonial is to thank the Athletes Agency team for all the help they gave my son Luke in his quest to attain an NCAA Division 1 scholarship in USA. It was a process that we had left very late to start in Grade 12, so time was of the essence. They worked tirelessly with us and kept us motivated The end result was a full scholarship to Arizona State University in USA. Even after my son left for ASU, they always replied to and answered the unending questions I had for them. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Dalibor & Tatiana Krutak – Monique Krutak (Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville)
Our daughter Monique was just about to complete her final year of schooling. She was setting herself up to study, where her tennis program and competitive opportunities would be scaled down considerably. Inevitably, she would be sacrificing her favourite sport. At that time, the Athletes Agency team offered his services to Monique. They clearly outlined and explained the benefits of studying and playing tennis in the U.S. as a scholarship based international student. They displayed a real passion about scholarship based study and competitive training and playing at the same time. They shared their vast personal experience of undergoing the same in the past. This experience gives them additional edge in the whole process of securing scholarship for their clients. They undertook a thorough screening process in order to determine Monique’s present and future expectations and also her eligibility for this type of study in the U.S.. They created promotional profiles which involved a skill video recording session. They also traveled to the U.S. and presented Monique’s profile to interested coaches running athletic programs at various U.S. educational institutions. Subsequently, Monique has been contacted by number of coaches. The household was busy communicating via phone, email and Skype at strange hours of the day and night. They have always been available and proactively mediated this process. Their contribution and professional approach had a real calming effect in order to progress towards meaningful decisions. The terminology used in the U.S. is also quite unfamiliar to someone without any guidance. They managed to bring the stress level to a minimum, including the times when a genuine scholarship offer had to be declined. After a few weeks Monique accepted an offer from SIUE offering a full athletic scholarship while studying. She is looking forward to commence her studies and athletic program. We have been highly inspired by the Athletes Agency team and their professionalism. They are great listeners with the ability to moderate tough scenarios in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Their ability to communicate freely and to the point is also remarkable. They always responded and returned our calls and emails. We are aware of their very late/early hours being spent while working on securing scholarship for Monique and other clients. Based on all of these experiences, we would like to encourage other parents of athletes, to keep their mind open regarding their kids educational and competitive sport future options. Even for athletes with limited exposure and ranking, the opportunity to enhance their education and sport via U.S. based scholarship is there. However, the guidance through a maze of procedures and rules requires a reliable agent acting on an athlete’s behalf. We confidently recommend them to all U.S. athlete scholarship prospects. They are available locally and have solid personal U.S. based experience, the best possible combination for this type of service.


Robbie Rourke – Rhan Burton (College of Coastal Georgia)
We began talking with the Athletes Agency team in Rhan’s last semester of high school. Firstly, we were impressed with the amount and the level of tennis that he would be exposed to in the States. Secondly, it seemed a bonus that he would be able to gain a degree while playing tennis, something that appears to be difficult on the circuit here.  Of course, the financial benefits that were outlined were hard to overlook.  We had been supporting our son for 8 years competitively, traveling at a huge cost to us. We were lead through the process by the Athletes Agency team.  Some of the service features that were helpful included:

  • ‘To do lists’ that were provided when we first signed up
  • Unlimited phone contact when the process became confusing or overwhelming – this was available to us all which was important as each of us had different questions and concerns at various times
  • Speedy and relevant email replies when confused
  • Support on how to respond to offers
  • Emotional support as the idea can be quite daunting at times

I am not sure that I would have even made first base without support from them.  It makes our Tertiary Admissions Centre process look simple!

Susanne Bell – Phoebe Bell (Boise State University)
First of all, I would like to say thank you to the Athletes Agency team! Phoebe has a NCAA D1 scholarship – what a wonderful opportunity for her to be able to play competitive volleyball and at the same time gain a college education. They helped us through the entire complicated process, even to the point of visiting her school to check that the subjects she was studying qualified her for an American scholarship.
Every question we asked (and there were many) was answered quickly and we knew they were only a phone call or email away in case we needed guidance in something we didn’t understand. They certainly know their stuff and I would be happy to recommend them to athletes looking to experience the American college system.

Jenny Bimrose – Rebecca Bimrose (Northwestern Ohio)
We would most certainly recommend the Athletes Agency team to any student athlete looking at an overseas scholarship. We always found them to be very professional in all aspects of the recruiting process. We found they answered any questions we had, big or small, due to their own personal experience in the college system. We would really like to thank them for all the help and expertise they showed us during this process in gaining the scholarship that was most suitable for Bec.


Kate Dolan – Ben Dolan (College of Coastal Georgia)
Thanks so much to the Athletes Agency team for helping Ben to secure an amazing college tennis scholarship in the U.S. and making the process so easy. We highly recommend the service they provide.

Srinivas Ramadani – Manasi Ramadani (Lander University)

Terri Avis – James Avis (Dixie State University)


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