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How do I apply for a U.S. scholarship?

How to apply for US scholarships? U.S. college recruitment is a complex process. Aspiring student-athletes are required to complete mountains of paperwork, and effectively manage their communication with potential college coaches.

KAA has a comprehensive checklist to ensure no detail is overlooked during the recruitment process.

The KAA team understands that minor details are integral to the future success of a student-athlete in search of athletic placement and scholarship opportunities.

Have a look at the student-athlete and parent reviews, to see how they found this process and how valuable working with KAA truly is. Here are some of the bigger milestones throughout this recruiting process!

1. Gauge Your Sporting Ability & Appropriate Goals

It is important to know yourself and consider all aspects such as: your athletic ability, potential to improve upon those skills, and commitment to your education. KAA will help you target the most appropriate athletic division for your abilities, and the most suitable college for your educational goals.

2. Building a Superior Resume

Accepting a scholarship to participate in US college athletics is similar to paid employment. Therefore, the resume you send to potential college coaches should be comprehensive. Our agents have developed the ‘formula’ for organising student-athlete resumes to ensure that our athletes are presented in the right format to attract the attention of US college coaches.

3. Assemble a Comprehensive Recruiting Video

A strong recruiting video is vital for your success in receiving an offer of athletic placement. Recruiting videos are an extension of your resume, so quality of content and film construction is paramount.

4. Search for YOUR College

Our qualified KAA team would target universities that accommodate your desired programme of study, meet your athletic goals, and suit you personally and culturally! We tailor this process to every last detail, whether it’s the size of school, location preferences, and even the weather!

5. Qualifying for Student-Athlete Eligibility

Each athletic governing association has established regulations for student-athlete eligibility. Qualifying for student-athlete eligibility is a lengthy and complicated process. Many athletes get tripped at this stage as they have not taken the required courses throughout high school. KAA can provide guidance and expert advice throughout this process to eliminate any of these difficulties to ensure all required information is accurately provided to the eligibility centre.

6. Securing a F1 Student Visa

Applying for and securing a student visa is another significant task to be completed during the recruitment process.

As an international student-athlete, you will be issued with an F1 Visa that will span the duration of your university attendance. You will not be able to complete your visa application until you have been accepted to an American university.

KAA helps ensure you have all the right documentation to get through this process smoothly.

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