student-athlete reviews

This is our ‘why’

 We’re proud of each and every student-athlete we were privileged to assist. Here are some of their thoughts on our impact on their journey to becoming a U.S. student-athlete in these 5 star reviews.


The KAA agents were very knowledgeable and all very personable. throughout the entire recruiting process, they had fast and easy communication and they have the availability to help guide prospective student athletes through the recruiting process. They are passionate about each individual and their goals which makes a difference in the ultimate outcome of each and every athlete.

Hannah Miller

Southern Methodist University

KAA were amazing throughout my whole process. They always were prompt in answering any questions I had and keeping me up to date with communications and paperwork. I knew div 1 had amazing athletes, facilities, and opportunities but thanks to KAA I found some amazing div 2 universities. I came across Central Missouri (div 2) that consistently breeds national champions and has had many Olympians. Without KAA showing me the potential of div 2 universities, I would not be at Central Missouri and have developed into the person and athlete I am today.

Christopher Goodwin

University of Central Missouri

KAA was extremely professional and helpful in helping me to get recruited into the U.S. college system. The staff are approachable and friendly and have so much knowledge about how to place their athletes into a school that is the correct fit both athletically and academically. They stay involved and check in with the athletes while they are over in the U.S. and provide fantastic support. They made the recruiting process much easier and smoother for me and my family and I would definitely recommend them to any athlete attempting to get recruited in the U.S.

Nina Lawrence

Iowa University

A big thank-you to the KAA team for working so efficiently with me to make everything work out perfectly. I was shocked with how much paperwork had to be done, so I was very happy to be a KAA student-athlete and get assistance because the process was very long and could have been frustrating. I know I wouldn’t have had this great opportunity if it wasn’t for KAA working so hard to personalize my recruiting process and sort everything in record time. I am so grateful to have had such great support with my recruitment. For anyone looking to go to college, I would strongly recommend KAA!

Paige Hourigan

Georgia Tech University


Anne Leakey - Dickinson College

KAA has been amazing throughout my entire journey. They’re agents are very personable and efficient which has made the process so much easier. They have been prompt the entire time in answering all my questions and encouraging me to be organised to do the same. Managing the American system can be very confusing so I was very grateful to have my agent there to guide me through the process. As well as this, they were super helpful in making me identify what I was looking for in a college, and made me think about factors I hadn’t before. Thanks to KAA I found a college that ticked all my boxes and I’m excited to start my journey there in August this year! 

Tomas Barry- Monmouth University

KAA has been a massive help to me and my family as we navigated the recruiting and subsequent paperwork that we needed to do. They struck the happy balance between overbearing and absence to create an overall great experience. They made sure everything was in order ahead of time to basically eliminate any potential problems or stress for me. Overall a great experience.

Emi Watterson - University of California-Berkeley

KAA were able to secure me a spot on the U.C. Berkeley gymnastics team within a very short time period and with minimal stress on my end. They were very supportive and encouraging throughout the whole process and I greatly appreciate their hard work. Thank you!!

Colin Sinclair - Cornell University

They made getting into college easy. When I first looked into entering the U.S. college system I was daunted. I didn’t have any idea how to contact college coaches and even less idea how to get them interested in me. However, after sitting down with the Agency they immediately cleared up a lot of my concerns. They then opened pathways to almost every college in the country simply through their great relations with the coaches. The strength of their word on player ability is so strong that I was getting interest from colleges coaches even before they saw my results and videos. After signing with them, they filmed and edited my college tennis video (great quality!) and got to know me so they could get a feel for what school would suit me best. Questions like weather, academics and tennis goals all came up. I leaned toward a strong academic college and so they targeted reputable schools in that area. The amount of effort they put into helping me was unreal and there were times I was on the phone to them twice a day to get everything sorted out. I honestly can say I wouldn’t have gotten into Cornell I without the Agency’s help and persistence. In fact, my college coach has openly admitted he accepted me primarily because they vouched for me, not because of my results or video. This goes to show just how well respected they are in the States. They are genuinely interested into helping you get into the best school possible. So if you’re wanting to pursue sports at a collegiate level or even unsure about what to do after high school, I would definitely recommend giving them a call.

Max Statham - University of Southern California

They were a massive help for me in the college recruiting process. I wouldn’t be studying at The University of Southern California right now without them!

Jack Bruce - University of Arkansas-Little Rock/University of Arkansas

Ever since I can remember, sport was always where I threw myself 100% into every different activity; cricket, rugby and tennis to name a few. But I always knew that I was best at running. I think it was having abnormally long skinny legs that propelled me past my mates and other competitors. Once my high school cross country and athletics career was over, I was very unsure about what I wanted to do with my running. I didn’t know if I was able to succeed staying local. I had never seriously considered college in America but upon speaking with the Agency, my eyes were really opened to the possibility of competing and studying at a higher level than I had been experiencing. It was a quick decision to leave it all behind and have a dig at college athletics, but a decision that will no doubt be a turning point in my career. They made everything very easy and stress free for me. They get my stamp of approval!! For all of you young prospective athletes considering continuing your education and sporting careers in a U.S. college, my advice is to get all of your questions answered. These guys know everything there is to know about the system, and will save you long nights, lengthy phone calls and hair-pulling moments!!

Nick Horton - North Carolina State University

Hello everyone! Just a quick shoutout to ther Agency for all your help. I’m grateful for the opportunity you provided me to play and study at North Carolina State University over the past 4 years. You helped me secure a 5 year scholarship that allowed me attain a bachelor degree in Communication and play competitive tennis in the strongest tennis conference in the country – the last 2 of those years as Captain. Now that I’ve graduated, I am soon to be back full time on the Tour with confidence and experience gained while at College. I will take life long friends and countless memories into the next chapter of my life. I head to Europe in July where I will play a bunch of ITF’s – starting in Austria. Thanks again for helping me choose this path!

Jordan Doull - Columbus State University

They helped me to secure a scholarship into the college golf program at Columbus State University in Georgia. I started the process quite late, but through the guidance of the Agency I was able to move through the process quickly. I constantly came across difficulties in regards to submission of results to the NCAA and other organisations, however, they always had a plan if something went wrong. I can’t thank them enough for helping me complete this process as it was a very long and confusing one. I have now settled in to college life and loving every moment of it.

Lyann Hoang - University of California-Berkeley

During Year 11, the agency who gave me an insight into college sports in the U.S.. Despite having previously heard from many players about their time at college, I was surprised at how little I knew. I was most impressed by the number of athletic and academic opportunities provided to student-athletes by their respective Universities. Given my situation, University in the U.S. was the perfect pathway for me to continue competing in my sport at a high level while pursuing my studies. The recruiting process required a great deal of preparation. The Agency assisted me through every step of the way, such as preparing my college video, narrowing down universities that were a good fit, communicating with coaches, college admissions, and visa advice. They also kept me well informed of any changes to rules and regulations regarding academics, prize money etc. (they constantly change so it’s important to keep up-to-date and maintain your amateur status). Personally, I felt like the services they provided saved me a lot of time and took some pressure off the entire process. If you’re a student athlete, I’d advise you to contact the Agency – it’s never too early to start. The sooner you start, the better position you will be in. Without the help of the Agency, I wouldn’t be in the position that I am today. Their invaluable advice and support throughout the entire recruiting process was incredible. I would highly recommend them to any student-athlete interested in participating in the U.S. college system. GO BEARS!

Charlotte Petfield - Old Dominion University

The Agency was absolutely amazing! They helped me to secure a rowing scholarship at Old Dominion University. I started the process very late in my senior year of high school but with their assistance I was able to move through the process very quickly so that I could start that January. I can’t thank them enough for their constant support!

Andie Dikosavljevic - Auburn University

I am very grateful I chose the Agency to start my college experience. Through the Agency, I was given multiple opportunities to talk to coaches and visit the U.S. and due to this, I was able to find the perfect place for me. The experience that the agents have in college sports is priceless and this is what allows them to guide clients through the process of finding schools and talking to coaches.

Cooper Krenkels - Louisiana Tech University

Massive thanks to the Agency for getting me a place at Louisiana Tech University! I couldn’t have done it without the huge support and guidance I received.

Isabella Franks - Marquette University

I would highly recommend the Agency. They were very helpful throughout the entire process and helped me find a college that fulfilled all my needs.

Yvette Callaghan - Tennessee Wesleyan College

With the help of the Agency I’ve been able to find a university that is tailored really well to both my athletic and academic needs. The Agency’s wealth of knowledge of colleges and coaches in the U.S. as well as their comprehensive understanding of the overall system made this process so seamless and easy for my parents and me. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for this an option for their future.

Matilda Moore - San Jose State University

Very happy with the Agency! I’m attending a college that suits my academic and sporting needs. I’m super excited and couldn’t have asked for a better pathway from the Agency. Thanks guys.

Sammy Whitting - University of South Dakota

My experience with the Agency was amazing! Despite only starting the process at the end of my senior school year, the Agency was quick to provide help and find the perfect fit for me. I was also looking for a sport that had only become an NCAA sport the year prior to me applying, so finding out information and available universities wasn’t as easy, as this was still very limited. But, with the help of the Agency I was still given a lot of great options and they were there to provide answers to any questions I had and I can happily say that I have now found the perfect University and sporting program for me. Thanks!

Monique Burton - Southern Mississippi University

I was really happy with the process, the Agency made it so easy to do everything and was always there to calm me down whenever I got stressed. I now have an amazing school to go to and improve my tennis. Thank so much!

Lauren Woodgate - Indiana University

Very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process! Even after receiving an offer to row at IU, the Agency still checks in to make sure everything is going well.

Jemima Lockie - Old Dominion University

The Agency helped me achieve my dream of rowing for a college in the states. They helped me get a spot at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia. Currently I’m having an amazing time. The Agency helped my parents with everything there was to know and what I needed to achieve to make it happen in school grades and rowing. They talked on my behalf to coaches I didn’t know, as well as got my name out to colleges for me to find my best fit. Thanks for the help to find my opportunity in the states.

Zachary Grabovic - Ferris State University

The Agency are a great organization and I can’t thank them enough for what they did for me. I started the process on my own and was overwhelmed with everything that had to be done, the team at the Agency make the experience so easy with no stress. Without the Agency I know that on my own I would probably still be in my home country right now.

Kyra Yap - Rutgers University

I loved working with the Agency. They are very accommodating, and are always around to have a chat. They are easy to get along with and work hard to send you to the right college. I would definitely recommend the Agency for any athletes aspiring to go to college in the U.S..