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f-1 student visa

This is an exponentially important part of the process, which is why KAA can be an indispensable resource during this application.
Applying for and securing a student visa is another significant task to be completed during the recruitment process. As an international student-athlete, you will be issued with an F1 Visa that will span the duration of your university attendance.
You will not be able to complete your visa application until you have been accepted to an American university. The college you will be attending will issue you an I-20 form, that provides information about your reason for entering America, the duration of your stay, and the university you will be attending.
Once you have the required documentation you will apply to the US Embassy or Consulate to be granted a student visa. You will also need to visit the US Embassy or Consulate and be interviewed prior to final approval for your student visa.

for assistance with the visa process, please contact us