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What to expect when playing U.S. college softball:

Fall Semester

  • The Fall semester is the off-season for softball.
  • You can expect to practice a maximum of 8 hours a week during the Fall, with the exception of a 6 week period when 20 hours is permitted.
  • In addition to training, up to 8 practice games will be scheduled in preparation for the upcoming spring season.

Spring Semester

  • Softball is a Spring sport, played in the second half of the U.S. school year.
  • Games are usually played between mid-February and early-May.
  • You can expect to play approximately 50 games in an average season.
  • You will also be practicing up to 20 hours per week during the season.

Women’s softball programs all over the U.S. participate under 2 governing bodies and divisions.


The NCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate softball.

Division I
  • Currently sponsor 295 college softball programs
  • 12 full softball scholarships are available per softball team
Division II
  • Currently sponsor 284 college softball programs
  • 7.2 full softball scholarships available per softball team
Division III
  • Currently sponsor 416 college softball programs
  • Financial aid is available but is not considered softball scholarship


The NJCAA endorses three divisions of collegiate softball.

  • Currently sponsor 357 softball programs across three divisions
  • 24 full softball scholarships available across all divisions


The NAIA endorses one division of collegiate softball

  • Currently sponsor 191 college softball programs
  • 10 full softball scholarships available per college softball team