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What to expect when playing U.S. college basketball:

Fall Semester

  • Basketball is a Winter sport, played in the middle of the U.S. school year.
  • Games are usually played between early-November and early-March.
  • Players may have practice or games scheduled during Winter break, as the season is played across two semesters.
  • You can expect to play approximately 30 games in an average season.

Spring Semester

  • The off-season for college basketball is between the end of the Spring semester and the beginning of the Fall semester.
  • You can expect to practice a maximum of 8 hours a week during the off-season.
  • In addition to training, an exhibition or practice game may be scheduled prior to the start of the new season.

Men’s Basketball programs all over the U.S. participate under all governing bodies and divisions.


  • The NCAA endorses three divisions of men’s collegiate basketball.

    Division I
    • Currently sponsor 351 men’s basketball programs
    • 13 full basketball scholarships are available per men’s basketball team
    Division II
    • Currently sponsor 310 men’s basketball programs
    • 10 full basketball scholarships available
    Division III
    • Currently sponsor 425 men’s basketball programs
    • Financial aid is available but is not considered basketball scholarship


  • The NJCAA endorses three divisions of men’s collegiate basketball.
    • Currently sponsor 430 men’s basketball programs across three divisions
    • 15 full basketball scholarships available across all divisions


The NAIA endorses two divisions of men’s collegiate basketball.

Division I
  • Currently sponsor 94 men’s basketball programs
  • 11 full basketball scholarships available
Division II
  • Currently sponsor 134 men’s basketball programs
  • 6 full basketball scholarships available